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I remember your face that day, you were hardened like a stone
I was called into the living and you told me that my father had to go
I remember I couldn't understand what kind of love could end like this
I was jaded from the start, my heart was broke at the tender age of six

When I was scared, frightened by the storm
I would run into your bedroom, looking back that bed was so cold
I know that Papa wasn't there to make a house a home,
And after thirteen troubled years, it was us on our own

But you said "it's not your fault, my darlin"
And you said "it's not your fault, my son
Just know that I will never leave you,
No, I won't do what Papa done"

Here I am at twenty-two and Momma comes to me,
worn and weighted down
She finally found a mountain of a man,
one that'll always stick around
She said "I'm sorry for what we put you through when you were young,
and I'm sorry about the tears
I've loved you for long so long and want this pain to be gone
but I've been holding onto this for too many years"

One day I'll ask my girl for her hand and I pray that she accepts
With tears in her eyes and her heart outside her chest
She'll say "I love you and want to marry you for the rest of my years
I've wanted you for so long, time without you has come and gone
You're all I want, and I'm sorry about the tears"

And I'll say "It's not your fault, my darlin"
And I'll say "It's not your fault, my girl
Just know that I will never leave you
And I will always be the one"


from Compadre, released June 30, 2015



all rights reserved


Matthew McNeal Fort Worth, Texas

Texan. Musician. Storyteller.


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